Fear not Little Flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom - Luke 12:32. 

Peace be unto you! As a watchman, Jesus' Little Flock web site' goal is to step outside of the traditional Christian's comfort zone, and return to the Lord's true gospel. Biblical life in the 1st century was quite different from today's perceived vision of Christianity. As the "Lion of the tribe of Judah" (Rev. 5:5), the Lord Jesus, the Apostles and his first disciples were, of course, Jews and the gospel stories which you are about to read becomes the foundation of the true Christian faith to follow.

Are you interested in a comprehensive narration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  You don't have to flip back and forth between gospels or use a concordance to find the same story in different accounts. Everything is right at your fingertips on this website of bible aids. The material contained in these books are solely based on King James Bible and not from traditional or denominational Christianity's viewpoint. Even though most Bible scholars differ on the precise chronological order of the four gospels, it is widely accepted by believers that each event did occur.

Yes, kids can learn the full gospel of Jesus Christ. By incorporating the non-denominational Gospel Story of Jesus Christ into two sets of coloring books, one for young children and one for first steps into a Youth Ministry, Bible truths become accessible in an age-appropriate way. The coloring book for children, will be a beginner's study guide for kids. The biblical story line is kept simple, yet each chapter will have a profound impact on young readers as they are exposed to Jesus' life and ministry. The first set of 11x17 giant coloring books have large print for easy reading. The second set is slightly smaller with a more detailed text description. These separate versions are available for Pre-school through ages 7, and those entering the Youth Ministries of all ages. Between 40 to 50 Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Christ are shown as footnotes. A map selection also connects each story.

A single booklet, each of the three coloring book sections contain 44 pages with an index having bookmarks, 37 chapter stories, and six maps. Each chapter is accompanied by a picture reflecting "Aramaic" speaking people of gospel times during the 1st century. Each child will greatly enjoy coloring and personalizing the gospel story. Gospel illustrations were contracted and completed by Vincenza Bianchini. Bible verses are also included at the bottom of the page for easy reference, which allows parents and teachers to read along while children color.

The third project is a summary of the Gospel story of Jesus Christ in a "Cliff Note" version called Bible Notes. "Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3) As a simple Bible aid, this will be an ideal teaching guide for people of all ages, revealing Jesus Christ as a great prophet, teacher, master miracle worker, and beloved Son of God. It is also especially suited for the needs of those newly converted to the Christian faith. Imagine hearing the gospel accounts for the first time, as the first Christian disciples heard it, but now in "surround sound," as details from multiple writers provide a fuller, richer telling of this amazing story. A more detailed picture accompanies each chapter to help the reader visualize the gospel story. Written in easy-to-comprehend modern English, it will be a great help for teens, college students, Bible students, and adults seeking a solid biblical foundation. 

An analytical concordance was used in the production of this project, making it a very readable account encompassing 278 pages. By reading Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ and Messiah, An Illustrated Collection of Bible Notes, readers will be brought into a new understanding of a very old, but nevertheless, still amazing story. Many important facts that a person could miss by reading the gospels one at a time have been captured. Chapter headings, such as "A Withered Right Hand," helps the flow of the stories and keeps the reader focused on Christ's life and message. What a marvelous journey the reader will experience as they enjoy the amazing impact that Jesus Christ had as He walked the earth -- an impact that continues today.

In this "Second Addition" of Bible Notes focuses on the fact that 2,000 thousand years ago, the Lord's gospel message was quite different from today's taught traditional Christianity, which flourished under Rome's pagan Emperor Constantine beginning in 325a.d. This high level book factually portrays the Lord's gospel in much greater detail for biblical scholars; Matthew a former tax collector focused on the Jews and Messianic kingship, Luke a gentile, wrote from Paul's missionary inclusive point of view, Mark wrote from Peter's perspective, a view from Jesus' inner circle, and John the great Revelator and closes Friend of the Lord, wrote from His divinity. An Old Testament compendium reveals Jesus as Almighty God's hand of Creation and the world's "First Light" (John 1:1-5). Chapter Headings are supported by chronological indexes, pictures, nearly 180 Old Testament references and fourteen footnotes validates that Jesus of Nazareth is the prophesied Messiah, the Christ. To remove scepticism, a chronological index accompanies each chapter heading and scripture quotes are put into simple English translation from the King James Version of the Bible. What a marvelous historical and spiritual journey the reader will experience while sharing the Lord Jesus' earthly walk as a great prophet, teacher, master miracle worker and Son of God. With the prophesied rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948 and capture of Jerusalem in 1967 (Ezekiel 34:13), marked the End-Time release of spreading the Lord's gospel worldwide.


The Book of Haggai prophesied that God would "shake the nations" [worldwide catastrophes] back to repentance for a last chance to believe His divine gospel of Salvation before the End of Days. (Haggai 2:7; Mark 1:15) This explosive, yet factual book called EMMANUEL, The Mystery that is Jesus Christ, (The Promised Messiah) fulfills all Messianic Prophecies. The "Lion of Judah," the prophesied New Testament Covenant reveals the Lord's entire Gospel of Salvation to enlighten the Jewish people, Christians and the world. (Jeremiah 31:31; Hebrew 8:8) A non-denominational read, it begins with a 24 chapter Old Testament compendium, which reveals the Lord Jesus' divine face as God's first light of Creation. (Genesis 1:1-3) Experience the Lord Jesus' presence as He barters with the patriarch Abraham, and wrestles with Jacob at Peniel. A divine gift from 2,000 years ago (Mark 16:15,16). This ten-part chronology is based on the three King James narratives of Matthew, Mark, Luke and the Divinity story of John, allowing the reader to easily skip from place to place. The Lord's entire gospel has been told from "His" perspective based on scripture, which only Simon-Peter the "Key-holder" was allowed to change. (Matt. 16:17-19) Likewise, the lifestyle epistles of Paul can support, but never override the Lord's gospel. To avoid cynicism, each chapter heading is accompanied by the original biblical scriptures. Seventeen illustrations, maps, over 500 Old and New Testament footnote references and 110 Reflections will aid the reader. Chapter headings accompanied by chronological indexes will further aid the reader in learning about Jesus of Nazareth, the prophesied Messiah. Come and walk in the Lord Jesus' footsteps, and reclaim a narrative seldom preached today.

Before ascending to heaven, Christ told His disciples, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go you therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whosoever I have commanded you [the Gospel]: And look, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world" (Matthew 28:18-20).

May God use this work to accomplish His purposes in making disciples today.


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